AmiBerry 2.24: The Best Amiga Emulator For ARM Chips

I grew up in the Commodore eco-system. Starting with a PET moving to a C64 and finally owning various Amigas. You never really forget your first time(s).

AmiBerry is a pre-configured Amiga emulator for ARM based devices like the Raspberry Pi, Odroid XU4 or Tinkerboard. It brings with it the highest performance emulation around and their latest version (2.24) is no different.

With it you get huge speed improvements in FPU instructions compared to earlier versions. You also get full Picasso96 support, auto-updating, external USB storage support, line doubling mode and fixes for 50/60hz modes messing with audio sync.

It really is an Amiga in a box. I own many Amigas and will be featuring restores of many of them here shortly, my day to day go to Amiga games machine runs AmiBerry.

Raspberry Pi Amiga Case

You can even 3D print your own Amiga style case for a Raspberry Pi to give you the look and feel of an Amiga.

[AmiBerry 2.24

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