TheC64 - A brand new Commodore 64

First released in 1982, the original Commodore 64 came with a 1MHz CPU, 64KB of RAM and a price tag of $595 (around $1500 today). It went on to sell over 17 million units, making it the best-selling personal computer of all time.

Last year, Retro Games LTD rode the mini console wave by releasing TheC64 Mini which brought the classic personal computer and some classic games into the palm of our hands. The unit brought 1980s gaming nostalgia onto our modern day HDTVs. The only downside was the inability to use it as a computer easily as it came with a non-functioning keyboard and no easy way to boot directly into CBM BASIC.

This time around, they are bringing us TheC64, a full-sized C64 with working keyboard and 21st century features including USB ports and HDMI output compatible with both PAL and NTSC.

TheC64 Box
Full-Sized C64

TheC64 will feature three different modes: C64, VIC-20, and Game Carrousel. For those who have used TheC64 mini before then you will already be familiar with the Game Carrousel mode which allows you to easily choose and play games from a graphical carrousel menu.

TheC64's two new modes allow you to boot directly into a C64 or VIC-20 respectively. With the new full-sized full functioning keyboard and built in CBM BASIC a true personal computer experience is just a button flick away. 

C64 Boot Modes
3 Different Boot Modes

Included in the box you get:

  • TheC64 home computer with full-size working keyboard
  • Micro switch USB joystick with a 1.5m lead & 8 buttons
  • 1.2m HDMI cable
  • 1.2m USB Power cable
  • 2amp USB AC Adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • Variety of C64 games pre-installed

The machine is available for pre-order now. You can find out more information over at Retro Games website.

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