Turn Your Playstation Classic Into A Retro Gaming Machine

We seem to have gone through a fad of "Classic" retro consoles over the past year or so. Nintendo gave us the NES and SNES Classic, I've been able to relive my childhood with the C64 Mini and NEOGEO jumped on the bandwagon with their mini arcade device, the NEOGEO Mini.

The last company to join the party is Sony with their Playstation Classic.

Playstation Classic

The Playstation Classic is a shrunk down version of the original console. It's a sub $100 unit (many retailers are selling it for less than $50 right now), comes with two full size USB Playstation controllers and comes pre-loaded with 20 titles.

Officially Sony doesn't support loading any other games, but like every other "Classic" system that has been release, someone has figured out how to add more. Shortly after the system was released last year, someone figured out how to sideload additional titles.


Modding your Playstation Classic and playing your favourite games couldn't be easier with BleemSync. You copy some files to a USB flash drive, plug it into your powered-down Playstation Classic and then turn the system on. The files on the USB drive you plugged in do all the hard lifting. After a minute or so you are done. You can find detailed instructions on modding your Playstation Classic on the BleemSync website.

BleenSync Web

Once it's done, you can connect to your Playstation Classic via a web browser and start installing ROMs. Any game you add will be made available from the same menu as the pre-installed games.

BleemSync also loads RetroArch, the powerful emulator which allows you to play games from many retro console and computer systems, essentially turning this tiny device into a retro gaming marvel. We have talked about the power of RetroArch before.

I feel the need to remind everyone that loading third-party software onto this device is probably legal if you own the originals, downloading ROMs from the internet probably isn't, but then again I'm no lawyer.

The combination of BleemSync and RetroArch have made my Playstation classic a more attractive device for retro gaming, especially as you can get one right now for under $50.

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