Q-Bot - The Open Source Rubik's Cube Solver

Remember the Rubik's Cube? The original fidget toy from the 80s. I spent countless hours as a child trying to solve the damn thing and I don't think I ever managed to do it.

Fast forward a bunch of years. The internet and smartphones brought us a multitude of apps that helped solve the puzzle. Simply input the current layout of the Rubik's Cube and you get back a set of instructions. A set of instructions, that if followed correctly, brings your Rubik's Cube back to its original solved state.

Rubik's Cube Solver
I wish I had this unit as a kid.

Instructables user Jocobs has put together a great guide on building an Arduino Mega based unit that will solve your Rubik's Cube for you. Jocobs takes you from the thought process and design right into the math, theory and build process.

Rubik's Cube Solver Electronics
Jocobs designed a custom shield for the stepper motor drivers and stepper motor connections.

The unit uses Windows based software to analyze images of the Rubik's Cube from a connected webcam and passes the required moves needed to solve the puzzle via serial to a connected Arduino Mega. The Mega uses custom code to translate the serial commands to the needed stepper motor movements.

Everything you need to build your own Q-Bot can be found at Instructables including Eagle files for the shield, build instructions and the Arduino code.

Maybe someone could get it working as fast at the ARM powered CubeStormer 3

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